Day Activity Participation

If you do not yet have an appropriate Home and Community service code, you will need to do the following in order to participate in PACC’s Home and Community Day Services:

  • Contact your Support Coordinator and inform him/her that you are interested in participating in PACC’s Home and Community Day Services. Your S.C. and other support team members (which also includes PACC), will evaluate your current codes and goals, then add or change your codes to include W7059 (1:3 ratio) or a W7060 (1:1 ratio), based on your needs, goals, and safety factors, so that you may participate in integrated community activities.
  • Once your code has been changed, you will be assigned your PACC Habilitation Specialist (HAB) staff. You will have a Meet & Greet meeting with your HAB staff and a PACC management member where by you will discuss your goals and arrange your program schedule based on your available units, goals, and day-to-day needs.

Once you have an Appropriate Home & Community code:

  • Your PACC HAB staff will provide you with transportation in their personal vehicle while you are participating in PACC’s Home & Community Day Services. Access transportation is no longer available to anyone while using Home & Community Services.
  • Your HAB staff will work with you and your family to arrange a schedule that meets your individual needs including pick-up and drop-off times, schedule of days you will receive services based upon your available units, and what events/programs you would like to participate in.
  • The catalog of activities provided is arranged so you have multiple options daily to participate in community integration and skill building with several other individuals which allows for socialization opportunities. However, you are NOT required to attend these events. You and your HAB staff can choose other means of community skill building or your HAB staff can support you with daily living skills right in your own home including cleaning, laundry, banking, cooking/ meal preparation, etc. If needed, your HAB staff can also assist you with personal care including dressing and grooming.
  • You will need to discuss and prepare your schedule with your HAB staff at least one week in advance. You do not have to call ahead and register for the events/programs listed in this catalog, unless it is noted.  This is unlike the preregistration which is required for events in our “Yellow Books.”
  • If you are sick or for any reason cannot participate in programming for the day, you will call your HAB staff directly and cancel. Additionally, due to inclement weather, events may be cancelled which will require you and your HAB staff to participate in alternative programming for the day.

When events listed have additional costs to participate, pre-registration requirements, if you have to pay for your meal, or pack a lunch, it will be noted with the event information.

We at PACC are confident we are able to provide you with a wonderful service that will continue to support and develop your independence and community integration while providing you with socialization opportunities with your friends in a safe, positive, and caring environment. As with any new program there may be glitches that will require adjustments, so please speak with the coordinating staff at the event if you have suggestions.  We are committed to supporting you to the very best of our abilities as an organization, and will continue to work steadfast in providing you with wonderful services to meet your needs.

Please contact Penny Bayer at (412) 621- 6151 ext: 202 for questions and or concerns.