If you have questions regarding billing codes, please talk to your manager.

Our address is:
PA Connecting Communities
800 N. Bell Avenue
Building Six, Suite 200
Carnegie, PA 15106

Please continue to contact Support@paconnectingcommunities.org with any issues you may have.

Instructions for entering your time in Sierra: 
PACC Billing Portal Manual – UPDATED AO 12-04-2017

Sierra Billing Manager:         https://portal.sierraincidentmanager.com/PACC

Email Portal:                             https://message.sierrawowires.com/owa

**If you can’t login after 3 attempts, or if you are having any other issues, please contact:  support@paconnectingcommunities.org


Only those people who need to access rosters for events, or those who work in the managerial and administrative roles at PACC will need to access the VPN to use the server: