Supportive Employment

PA Connecting Communities provides Supportive Employment Services for career development opportunities.  We custom design employment opportunities based on the individual’s strengths and needs.

Supportive Employments Services are provided within a community employment work site.  There are two components of Supportive Employment:  Job Preparation and Skill Development.

Functions of job preparation include career exploration with the use of interest inventories, interview assistance, resume preparation, employer outreach and orientation.

Skill Development is on the job training with periodic reviews.  Other activities include assisting individuals to use public transportation for work and maintenance of appropriate work behavior on the job.

Supportive Employment Services W7250 1:1 There are 2 components:

1)   Job SupportSome functions of job support include training of individuals in job assignments, periodic follow-up or ongoing support. Other activities include support to relearn a job, training to assist individuals to use transportation for work, maintenance of appropriate work behavior on the job.

2)   Job FindingDevelopment of skills, outreach to potential employers, training of job tasks and other such tasks to assist individual in acquiring a job Some functions of job finding include interview assistance, employer outreach and orientation, resume preparation, job skill development.