PACC’s Staff is committed to providing top level services for their clients.

Main Line:  412 621-6151                  Fax:  412-722-0762

Executive Director

Kelly O’Malley, ext 215                            Email:

Director of Home and Community & Assistant Executive Director

Darlene Zukowski, ext 509                     Email:

Director of IT

Ken Bogucki, ext 207                            Email:

Director of HR and Finance

Daniel Greene, ext 204                            Email:

Director of Behavioral, Advocacy, and Transition Services

Nick Tasz, ext 212                                     Email:

Director of Events, Programs, and Activities

Tom DeFazio, ext 223                              Email:

North Hills Evening Events & Programs

Arlene Bair, ext 201                                  Email:

North Hills Day Service & Day Events

Penny Bayer, ext 202                                Email:

South Hills Account Manager /Events, Programs, and Day Services

Jennifer Ghelarducci                                 Email:

Westmoreland County Events and Programs

Gennifer Kindelberger, ext 228        Email:

Operations Director and Beaver County Coordinator

Amanda Mason, ext 228                           Email:

Beaver County Events and Programs

Danielle Cordell                                          Email:

Community Manger /Assistant to the Director of Home and Community

Tyler Kweder, ext 227                                Email:

Community Participation Liaison

Sue Stein                                                       Email:

Occupational Therapy

Heather Tortorea                                        Email:

Behavior Services

John Tortorea, ext 209                              Email:

Beaver County Coordinator and OVR Specialist

Jeremy Miller, ext 210                               Email:

Community Specialist

Glenn Springer , ext 511                             Email:


Accounting/Payroll                                                                                                              204

Advocacy                                                                                                                                  209

Behavioral Science                                                                                                               209

Community Managers                                                                                                        228

Compliance                                                                                                                              211

Day Services                                                                                                                            223

Events                                                                                                                                        223

Home and Community Services                                                                                      509

Human Resources                                                                                                                 511

IT and Support                                                                                                                       207

Occupational Services                                                                                                         227

Transition Services                                                                                                               212

Vocational Services                                                                                                              212