PACC’s Staff is committed to providing top-level services for their clients.

Phone:  412 621-6151                  Fax:  412-722-0762

Executive Director

Kelly O’Malley                            Email:

Director of Home and Community & Assistant Executive Director

Darlene Zukowski                     Email:

Director of HR and Finance

Daniel Greene                             Email:

Director of Behavioral, Advocacy, and Transition Services

Nick Tasz                                     Email:

Assistant Director of Events, Programs, and Activities

Tom DeFazio                               Email:

North Hills Evening Events & Programs

Arlene Bair                                  Email:

North Hills Day Events & Programs

Penny Bayer                                Email:

Director of Events, Programs, and Activities

Jennifer Ghelarducci                 Email:

Westmoreland County Events and Programs

Gennifer Kindelberger              Email:

Operations Director and Beaver County Coordinator

Amanda Mason                           Email:

Beaver County Events and Programs

Danielle Cordell                          Email:

Community Manager /Assistant to the Director of Home and Community

Tyler Kweder                                Email:

Community Participation Liaison

Sue Stein                                        Email:

Occupational Therapy

Heather Tortorea                         Email:

Behavior Services

John Tortorea                              Email:

Beaver County Coordinator and OVR Specialist

Jeremy Miller                               Email:

Human Resource Administrator (The Dude)

Glen Springer                             Email: