Transitional Services

PA Connecting Communities Transition services can be thought of bridging the gap between school programs and the opportunities of adult life, including higher education or training, employment, independent living and community participation.   PACC provides learning experiences for individuals who require more preparation to assume their role as an engaged, active member in their community.  The program has been designed to immerse students in the community while focusing on an individual’s needs, taking into account each their strengths, preferences and interests.

Education or training beyond the high school experience is available to all individuals. PA Connecting Communities goal is to teach skills needed in the appropriate environment to prepare learners for careers.  Activities include monthly transition classes that address issues such as filling out forms, budgeting, applying for work and interviewing skills.

PA Connecting Communities is a (OVR), Office of Vocational Rehabilitation vendor. PACC is a state qualified non-profit.

We collaborate with agencies, school districts, and other non-profits to provide transitional services.

Please contact Nick Tasz (412) 621-6151 ext 212 or email .