Autism is a developmental disorder with variable severity.  Autism is marked by a noticeable difficulty in social settings, talking with others and a marked exhibition of repeated patterns of actions, behaviors and thoughts.

In the United States the incidence of autism is estimated to be 1 in 59 births.  Today, more than 3.5 million American suffer from autism.

Sadly, the incidence of autism is increasing.  There is a 120% increase in the number of autistic individuals from 2000, when the rate was 1 in 150 births to the current rate of 1 in 59 births.

Autism is the fastest growing developmental disability in the United States.

April is Autism month.  It’s an opportunity to learn more about this ever-expanding disability.  It is also an opportunity to let your voice be heard in the halls of the State and Federal legislatures.

Lets all take this opportunity to help those who need our help and to help those we love.  Reach out to your local state and federal representatives. Speak from the heart and speak of love and compassion.

To find your Federal House  Representative or Senator go to GovTrack

To find you Pennsylvania State Representative go to the State Legislature on-line search page

To download a complete PDF of all Pennsylvania State Reps, click here.