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Election 2019

This Tuesday November 5th is your chance have your voice heard across the state of Pennsylvania. Tuesday is Election Day.  By law, every polling place must have an accessible voting station for those with a

Office 365 Migration

PACC EMAIL USER INFORMATION CURRENT UPDATES FOR EMPLOYEES 09/30/19 - 10:00am - All accounts have been created and Office365 is now available to our staff.  You can go to


E3 USERS INFORMATION On the weekend of Aug 17th 2019, PACC will take a step towards modernization to prepare for an ever expanding and streamlined future for PACC and


THE DSP CRISIS One of the most significant crises facing care for the disabled in Pennsylvania is the inability to attract and retain qualified personal, DSP (Direct Support Personnel).  People that have a caring heart

Disability Expo – April 27th

A Message from Our CEO To all PACC Employees and Friends, There is an upcoming Disability Expo in the Pittsburgh area. This is a great opportunity, free of charge, for you and your client or


APRIL IS AUTISM MONTH Autism is a developmental disorder with variable severity.  Autism is marked by a noticeable difficulty in social settings, talking with others and a marked exhibition of repeated patterns of actions, behaviors

A Great Way To Advocate

A GREAT WAY TO ADVOCATE !   On May 11th Highmark will hold its annual Highmark Walk for a Healthy Community and, once again, PA Connecting Communities will be front and center in this event.

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