PACC ACTIVITIES FOR MONDAY OCT 26TH Monday 10/26 **NH Parkway Theater, 2 sessions. 10:30am-12:30pm and 12:30pm-2:30pm.  Movie choices are Maleficent And the adventures of Ichabod and Mr. toad. Sign up with Melissa and Carroll to be assigned a time.  **SH- Bowling at Princess Lanes, 2 sessions. 10am-12pm and 12pm-2pm. Bowling is $8.00 for 2 games. Shoe rental is an additional



PACC ACTIVITIES FOR THURSDAY OCT 22ND Thursday 10/22 **NH Zone 28 Bowl- This will be an independent but structured event. No facilitator. You must sign up with Melissa AND Penny to be assigned a time slot. Time slots start at 10am and go until 2pm. $6 per bowler. **SH Fall Walk at South Side