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The journey to a new life starts in different ways for different people. Keiona’s journey began in a homeless shelter where she and her two sons slept on broken beds. She wanted a better future for herself and her children. Keiona needed help. She suffers from PTSD and had trouble getting medication. She also needed help to finish school, however, the state board tests are administered on Saturdays, and the agency she was with didn’t provide services on weekends. She felt stuck. To Keiona, taking the first step on her new journey seemed unachievable-she needed someone to stand with her in support.

We listen to the unique voices of our participants … then provide programs that meet their needs —— Peggy Mannella

In May 2019, Molly Dulaney, a Behavior Specialist at PA Connecting Communities (PACC), helped Keiona begin a new journey. Keiona was skeptical of another person from another agency offering to help her. It was difficult for her to trust Molly and embrace her support. Yet, Molly remained determined to help Keiona pursue her goals, and soon a very special bond developed between the two. Molly’s enthusiasm motivated Keiona and gave her the confidence to continue along her new path.

Sometime a person’s journey to independence just needs a partner. Congratulations, Keiona


Molly helped Keiona receive the treatment and medication she needed for her PTSD and secured safe and affordable housing, so she could begin to focus on finding work and taking care of her sons.  And Molly was there, on a Saturday, to get Keiona to her state boards. Now, in about a month, Keiona will begin working in her chosen profession. Molly coordinated a company-wide donation effort to get furniture for Keiona’s new apartment. When the moving truck arrived, Keiona was expecting a few items to make her new place feel more like a home. What she did not expect was the outpouring of generosity from the PACC family that resulted in a fully furnished apartment.

If you need help reach out…just reach out. Now, Molly and I motivate each other. She’s been there every step of the way for me. —— Keiona

Keiona’s sons can now attend school regularly, knowing they can come home to food cooking in the kitchen and a room of their own to sleep in. This isn’t a story about miraculous transformations but how small steps, building trust, and the dedication to serving participants’ needs can change lives.  Now Keiona’s contagious and confident smile shines as bright as her future.