Our Guiding Principles Are Integrity, Inclusion & Self Determination

A place to highlight some of the successes of PACC, and our partners, in supporting our clients to achieve their goals.

Disability nonprofit, PA Connecting Communities (PACC) and Tronix3D recently partnered to create a more inclusive work environment. Through our partnerships, PACC has helped to empower individuals with disabilities like Colin by being a leading force in providing opportunities to improve their quality of life each day.

Meet Colin. Colin is a witty 19-year-old student at Pittsburgh Technical College (PTC). He is currently a first-year student studying Mechanical Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) to learn how to create digital modeling and engineer the latest innovations. Colin’s interest in the CAD program stemmed from his creativity and the suggestion of one of his teachers, Mr. Banks. When Colin is not studying at PTC, he loves to play video games, watch anime, and work out. Colin does not let his Autism Spectrum Disorder define him. With the assistance of PA Connecting Communities, Colin started his work-learning experience at Tronix3D. His creativity and ingenuity have been put to work on creating models and 3D printing his work to make a shelf clip. Although the task may seem simple, Colin’s challenge will include measuring, designing, and testing out his creations to create a clip that will allow movement of a drying rack yet secure the rack so it will not move during transportation.

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