PACC’s OVR/Transition employment focus is to increase competitive integrated employment for Pennsylvania with disabilities. We are expanding our vocational center to evaluate and place an increased number of clients of all ages with various forms of disabilities. We evaluate our participants’ abilities to seek employment, provide community assessment opportunities, job coaching and employment preparedness.


The goal is to lead our clients to full time or part time meaningful employment, internship opportunities or life skills inclusion programs. Families want their child with a disability to have the same meaningful  opportunities as their peers or siblings including employment. Why should they not be given a chance?


PACC’s established employment programs offer vocational and supportive employment services to give participants the opportunity to prepare for employment with a job coach in a community setting to maximize employment opportunities.  PACC’s employment program takes place in the community at real work sites, at real businesses and companies.

We have partnerships with local companies to provide a 1:1 staff with the client to learn job skills leading to employment.  We provide this program in the counties we serve.  By being in multiple counties, it increases employment opportunities while reducing stress related to non-employment and transportation issues. The individual is more successful and confident working in a local, familiar environment. 

Supportive Employment Services 

  • Job Support: Some functions of job support include training of individuals in job assignments, periodic follow-up or ongoing support. Other activities include support to relearn a job, training to assist individuals to use transportation for work, maintenance of appropriate work behavior on the job.
  • Job Finding: Development of skills, outreach to potential employers, training of job tasks to assist individual in acquiring a job Some functions include interview assistance. employer outreach and orientation, resume preparation, job skill development.
  • Extended Services: beyond the 90-day typical training period.
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