Our Guiding Principles Are Integrity, Inclusion & Self Determination

The goal of Connecting Me Home, along with all programs offered at PA Connecting Communities, is to help individuals become as independent as possible and to encourage empowerment to exceed expectations and to live fulfilling purposeful lives.

To support our participants in the learning process, we use various techniques, such as demonstrations, step-by-step verbal and visual instructions, forward and backward chaining, and modifications whenever necessary. The curriculum will promote independence in tasks such as:

  • safety in the home and “in case of an emergency” situations
  • cooking, cleaning, and laundry
  • home organizing and maintenance
  • budgeting and bill paying
  • home inventory and grocery shopping
  • daily routines, setting appointments and keeping a daily schedule
  • transportation set up
  • lawn and garden care
  • basic office skills and social media safety

The curriculum includes learning the setup through the completion of real-life tasks. This is taught by breaking functional activities down into steps, participating in task-related activities, completing pre and post-task worksheets and assessments, and taking part in special projects associated with the tasks. The lessons can be individualized by making modifications and adaptations based on the individual’s needs and strengths.